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Air Force

Battleline Air Force game from 1976

HJ Air Force

Hobby Japan Air Force game from 1985

I first played this game in the summer of 1976 after a friend brought a copy of it back from Origins I. For the next 4 or 5 years I played it to death. While it's been eclipsed by JD Webster's Fighting Wings system, to me it's still a fun game.


Battleline Dauntless game from 1977

AFD Exp Kit

Battleline Air Force Dauntless Expansion Kit game from 1978

The first copies of this had a larger box closer to the size of Milton Bradley's American Heritage series. I threw out the original box years ago.

Back in 1979-80 I was in a PBM Dauntless Campaign. Here's an After Action Report of the first game of the campaign.

Pdf files of datacards and player aids.
Over the years I've accumulated a number of homebrew datacards and player aids for Air Force and Dauntless. I would also like to post other homebrew datacards.

I would also like to hear from former members of The Air Force Dauntless Society.

Back in 2005 I contacted Craig Taylor (R.I.P.) via email at Lost Battalion Games. He was kind enough to send this letter with some background of the game to post here. Thanks

Air Force/Dauntless Society Newsletters in PDF format.

Japanese Jets for Dauntless from Battleplan Magazine #2 by James E Meldrum.

Extra Air Force / Dauntless datacards and counters in PDF format.

This is a Random Scenario Generator for AFD.

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